Let Me Tell You

this is not a warning, but a silent plea

Let me tell you about the people I once looked up to.

Let me tell you how their strength was often a mirage.

The way they make the very ground they sit upon to tremble, they will the earth not to shatter before them. The way they trickle the seas with tempests only to haul a sinking ship and empty its treasures. The way they try to command mountaintops to bow, or for the very echo of the universe to shrill their bids.

It is easy to mistake force for power,
a kind of love for violence,
Or pity and compassion, alike.
But remember strength lies within kindness,
in the thick of the twisted verdict and lies.


Back then our partings were always a series of uncertainties. A veil of woeful farewells. We stood by the passing of our indifferent winds brewing the storms of silent longing and hidden cries. A year and a half later I have never known such relief. To let fear be exiled by letting go of our concealment.

Every time you say goodbye, I don’t hear the voices that warn of the irrevocable conclusion.

Every time you say goodbye, I meet our quiet contentment.

“Goodbye.” Yes, my love. See you again.

Blissful Feign

I admit my awe of superficial things
rendered the fragments of a broken wing
Am I the petals adorned with thorns?
Kindling the embers of escape and reborn

Ever the irony of what I seek
Nurturing mundane desires of bleak
Tempest of temptations born through testaments
Binding my ever-blinding torment

At long last! Was I daunted to the warmth I crave?
Nestling the serendipitous nights and days
enticing me to see amidst the daze
Well, I am still in the “awe of the superficial” phase

delirious marionette

In a crumbling pavement
I’m a paper thin doll
claiming the strings of my ligaments

right before I fall.

When the darkness holds a war
shifting to the words I conjure
I rattle against the bars

they succumb as a weapon I use.

Behind my strength, a mirage
above my sorrow, I unravel

 true to the glimpse of the battle.

per diem

This morning, I took you from a bitter cup of coffee. I warmed my lips to its scalding touches. I felt all bitterness forced down every inch of my throat.

But I needed it. I needed to savor every ounce of acrid sips to keep my eyes open. I needed the pain to erase all numbness that dawned since the moment of my waking. Just like how I needed you. To relish and take on your existence. With each palpitating heartbeat.

Just so I can feel alive.


Subdued in a
monochromatic tune
Deceit lingering
theft in

“Kneel.” coaxed the bearing throne.

the mirage of
a stunning facade.
Do you dare break the
shrill skeletons
of porcelain? Dawned
on the shackled
it had


Huddled together

in a pile of broken


fever reaching full fire.

But no one came to

roust them.


“Thank you.” She plunged in.

frozen, weeping,

stumbling over

stray tears

“I have nothing left to lose.”


He could fall asleep and

close his eyes

expecting to wake in

the next world.



they waited

to set fires

that would burn the



But when?


They wandered.


they’d never seen.

So instead they forget

all that’s done.


Out of the eventide

they got their



The night

was winning so far.

But you’ll see

who wins in the end.



Memoir of Redound Reminiscence

And only a blink it had took. I let the fire take over and set me alight. Eager for the hope of draping me in tongues of fervid passion. The vivid hues of red had us drown into one like a bottle of cabernet. And when the last drip of bitter wine tease our lips from the broken glass, only sober eyes are left to reflect gray areas.

Now that my hands are empty, it leaves nothing but a trail of fingers skimming over bruising shards. A set of blood-stained hands still burning at the caress of what is left of the ashes.

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