You were the human form of FIRE

and I was hopelessly enticed by your flame.

Little did I know how how you’ll scorch these precious wings

locking me in an eternal, foreboding embrace.



How we catch ourselves,

wishing for the physical pain instead.

Inflicted on the flesh, shedding blood on the skin.

A wound so evident.

No more of trying to prove the pain that it bears.



Look in the mirror,

tell me all the good things you see.

Or is it that we become hooked up in noticing the imperfections tied to our very own skin and bones,

almost like it is some sort of addiction.



I flee enkindling flower fields

devouring me.

As I’m bound to choke I roll the dice

in trembling skin and bones which starve of life

filled in hopes of witnessing

the crack of dawn arise

Yet imbued in the cataclysmic sky above

My midheaven dreams

stained crimson blood

Fear-Tossed Waves (excerpt two)


We are but one ocean.

We have our own tides.

It is not death that shall stop us from living

-rather it is the fear of doing so.

In the end, all shall vanish into the shore, like the seemingly endless waves…

so choose wisely in which path to tread.


who knows?

We could make the calm that balances the boat.