“Dare to be different.”

these words never cease to echo in the heart of our society. Yet, we are like the waves tossed into the ocean, going with the endless flow. Afraid to turn against the blow of the wind as we watch our fellow clash against one another. The stronger ones always overpowering the weak. But is this all that is left of us, always having to live in fear?

Isolation. Abuse. Neglect.
I believe at some point in our lives we have felt but left these undealt with. Our unsuitable actions and inactions that hold the power to turn us into none other than the monsters we once cowered from.. Into none other than our own oppressors. Our indifference is like a disease spreading, conquering us like wild fire, allowing the browbeaters to take charge. With those that refuse to be taken in getting burned and forced back into a corner. Unbeknownst to most is the reality in which they are being molded into belief, saying it is their own fault being different.

Yes, we are but one ocean. We also have our own tides. In retrospect, death had not been the one to stop us from living, rather it is the cage of fear we have built ourselves upon. Ultimately what matters most is our resolute spirit of which we stride forth amidst the tempest of life, and truly, wholeheartedly moving forward in our current. In the end, all of us shall vanish ashore, like the seemingly endless waves. We must choose wisely which path to tread. Even after clashing amidst endless hardships, who knows?

We could make the calm that balances the boat.


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