Greetings, lovely souls. First of all, I want to beg your pardon since it has been quite some time since I last posted some of my works here. The last few weeks-months rather, have been a very crucial and busy time for me. I do have some exquisite news to all you wonderful followers of this blog.

As some of you might have noticed, I only post excerpts of my works. If you’d be delighted to hear it, I will make up for my absence by posting a series of my writings and this time no doubt it will be unabridged.

Just to share a brief background for you all… My composition entitled The Fear Tossed Waves (as you can observe there are two excerpts currently posted beforehand) was actually a winning piece of a school competition I joined at over a year ago. (I was in tenth grade at the time) It tackles the issue of the Rights of a Child Awareness specifically in line with the prevention of bullying featured in our school paper, The Blue Chronicle. I pondered about how it certainly is worth sharing. Now I am gladly planning to present to all of you its full tale.

 I just hope that the act of uncovering it with you all may bring courage and strength to inspire you to take charge and be the hero of your own lives. Especially to those who are and have gone through a tough time with those nasty brow-beaters. Remember that amidst a roaring ocean plagued by a tempest, even a single wave has the potential to make a huge difference towards the tide. Thus, offering safety to the boat of life.

Other than that are a series of prose and poetry I made out of my times of contemplation, literature I offered the school papers, or if you so wish I can also share with all of you lovely souls the editorials I’ve made these past few months. I would gladly hear from you all!

Till then, ignite yourselves to the flames of reminiscence

and this above all, to thine own self be true
Shakespeare, Hamlet

Yours Faithfully,

Megara LeGaulle Montasse

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